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Special Needs Trusts
What is a Special Needs Trust?

A special needs trust allows a parent, grandparent or guardian to provide funds for a disabled child without disrupting the child’s eligibility for government aid. Assets left to this individual can have unintended negative consequences for them if not properly accounted for in their estate plan.  
Setting one up is a fairly simple process:

Assisting Parents: Provide for a Child With Special Needs

Rasmussen Law, LLC understands the challenges and financial issues associated with caring for a family member with special needs. The difference between a Trust and Special Needs Trust is drafting a document that plans, protects and provides for the lifetime of a child’s legal, financial, medical and educational needs.  Special Needs Trust can be established to hold resources provided to your child through gifts or bequests from family members or friends.

Safeguard Your Child’s Financial Assets

Rasmussen Law, LLC understands the complex issues of governmental benefits and the importance of creating the right plan to accommodate your child's needs. Federal law specifies ownership of certain assets exceeding several thousand dollars in value disqualifies special needs individuals from receiving many government benefits. The Special Needs Trust is a reliable way of safeguarding eligibility for government benefits, while allowing for additional benefits not provided by the government.

We know the challenges of setting up a special needs trust to provide financial support for your child without jeopardizing their eligibility for government benefits. Call us at (913) 871-2188.


Specific Benefits of Special Needs Trusts

The trust allows funds to be used to make the beneficiary's life better by providing benefits other than the bare necessities of life. Accessing trust assets to give individuals with special needs "non-necessity" items that would not be available through government benefits may include activities such as vacations, sporting event tickets and items that make the beneficiary's life easier, such as a ramp or chair lift and transportation to various events or cultural institutions.

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"Excellent service based on expert knowledge. Working with Corey was fantastic. My wife and I were setting up a new business, and needed to have a complete estate plan established. Corey not only covered the basics, but included important protections for our children’s future that I never would have thought of. He also made sure we understood how to use the information in order to update other assets like life insurance. I have recommended Corey to several of my friends, and will continue to do so without reservation." - Tim (Belton, MO) hello